IEEE DTU is the oldest student branch of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) in Delhi, with a colorful history spanning over three decades. Aided by the priceless guidance of Vice-Chancellor Prof. P.B. Sharma and Prof. Ashok Bhattacharya, IEEE DTU has become one of the most innovative IEEE student branches in India. Every year, IEEE organizes TECHWEEK, REPERTOIRE and TROIKA to inspire students towards productive, scientific thinking and open up new challenges for students across the country.

  • In 2013, IEEE organized TECHWEEK, the annual workshop galore which offered engineers insight into various new upcoming technologies. Students from multiple colleges participated in this hugely successful event, helping them identifying their fields of interest. Matlab, Programming, Robotics, 3D Image Processing, Solidworks, Open Source Development were amongst the workshops conducted.
  • IEEE-EMBS, in collaboration with “The English Zone” organized “HIRE ME”, a workshop focusing on the drafting of resumes and preparation for personal interviews. It aimed at removing the fear of interviews usually experienced by children, especially during placements.
  • IEEE also organized REPERTOIRE, the annual techno-management festival which involved the Business-Plan event SPAVe, an online stock market simulation Bulls and Bears, and the multimedia quiz Panache. The Power Energy Society (PES) organized EDISON ECSTACY, a platform for young engineers to solve complex electrical and electronic circuits.
  • IEEE DTU also had a commendable performance in IEEEXtreme 7.0, a worldwide programming competition, in which 4 teams from IEEE DTU breached the Top 100 rankings in India, with two teams managing to secure the fifth and sixth ranks.

In addition to these achievements, IEEE DTU is also renowned for its publications ECHO, a magazine for freshers, IOTA, the annual technical magazine, TRIGGER, the TROIKA souvenir and The Troika Times.


"Not all those who wander are lost"

The IEEE student branch of Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) presents the apotheosis of man and technology in the form of its technical festival, Troika 2014.

The horses art resurrected, the chariot steady
the reins art taut, the aura heady
with a promise of purpose, the spirit bold
TROIKA returneth, lo and behold!

Troika, which is Russian for "a set of three", represents the three pillars supporting the engineering section of the geodesic dome of life. The three pillars, namely, Approach, Theory and Practice, are needed to be of the perfect dimensions to enclose one's successes in their dome. Finding the right balance between the three is an odyssey in itself, with harsh currents of melancholic realizations keeping you from reaching ashore and handcrafting your quintessence into a structure that can topple the rest and reach the lunar heavens.

We, at IEEE DTU, take this metaphysical journey in our grand technical fest, TROIKA. Come ye all, find thee, o'er the three days of technology infusion at Troika. Like the eponymous eleventh movement of Tchaikovsky's "Seasons", Troika is a slow burning incense flame, ready to diffuse its aroma into the technocracy of India all over.

The fest will be host to diverse, engrossing and captivating events involving quizzes, games and competitions which will give a direction for your skills to flow and set your dopamine racing to the center of your brain. From robotics to management, this fest will test all your skills. So keep your mind wide open and calendars marked.

"After all, the satisfaction of success is better than success itself!"



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